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Fine Art by Jennifer Patzer

I'm an abstract artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and my work is inspired by vibrant colours in nature and urban street art. I create bold, colourful abstract paintings that try to capture both worlds. I use a mix of mediums, including acrylic and spray paint, graffiti markers, pastels, and charcoal pencils to create a textured surface. Each piece conveys a sense of movement and spontaneity, inviting viewers to explore and discover new details. My goal is to evoke joy and inspire creativity in those who see my work.

Welcome to My Art Journey

Hi there! My name is Jennifer, an emerging artist. 

My artistic journey entails a  fusion of dynamic colours, modern vivid abstract expressions and a touch of a graffiti edge. 

I was born and raised in British Columbia and am married with two children. I’ve been living in Calgary for just over two decades. Throughout my childhood until now, whether through singing, drawing,  painting, or my career in hairstyling, I’ve always had a passion for creativity. 

Though I’ve painted here and there throughout my life, only in the last few years have I been consistently painting and developing a style that I love and that I feel expresses who I am. 

I draw inspiration from bright and bold colours, bold patterns, fashion, and the raw and authentic expression of street art. 

I hope that you enjoy exploring these contemporary original pieces in my gallery.

Have an amazing day! 

All artwork featured on this website is the original creation of Jennifer Patzer. All rights to these artworks are reserved and they may not be reproduced, copied, or distributed without explicit permission.