Artist Bio


 Meet Jennifer Patzer, a seasoned hairstylist with over 30 years of experience. Her passion for people and creativity drew her to the beauty industry, but her love for fashion and singing has always been a part of her life. In her 20s, she even took classical voice training to hone her musical talents.

While Jennifer has dabbled in painting over the years, it wasn't until the pandemic hit that she decided to pick up a paintbrush again and continue developing her style. Her recent works are a stunning showcase of her love for bold, colorful, and abstract paintings that capture the essence of joy.

Jennifer's passion for creating art is evident in every stroke of the brush, and she's excited to connect with other artists and collectors who share her love for creativity. Join Jennifer on her artistic journey and experience the beauty of her unique creations.


Jennifer Patzer Art

Represented by Five 3 Gallery / Laguna Beach, CA

Featured Artist - Calgary Guardian 2023

Finalist in ACA Spring Competition 2023 / Cincinnati, OH

Group Exhibition July/August 2023 ADC Fine Art Gallery / Cincinnati, OH